1. Marketing Translations English to German and German to English plus Proofreading / Editing services in German

  • Translation / Transcreation of content on websites, in printed documents or subtitles in video files
  • Specialisation in Tourism Marketing, Film Tourism and Family History / Ancestry Research
  • From German into English
  • From English into German
  • Professional proofreading and editing of translated Marketing texts in my mother tongue German
  • Professional transcription of audio files to written text in English or German

Some examples of translation and proofreading projects I have worked on so far:

  • A complete hotel website for a boutique hotel in Berlin from German to English
  • An 80 pages architectural report for the restoration of a historical building from 1911 for a major German company from the food processing industry from English to German
  • Website, app and newsletter content for two globally operation and well-known transportation clients headquartered in the USA from English to German
  • SEO keyword research as well as creative translations of marketing texts and product descriptions from English to German for various well-known online shops and fashion brands headquartered in London, UK
  • Articles for the magazine Discover Germany, Austria & Switzerland from German to English
Tour guiding in Norway
Tour guiding in Norway

2. Content Creation and Articles / Niche Blog Posts in English and German

  • Creative marketing texts, which inspire and engage readers as well as make them more inclined to purchase a service or product
  • Engaging travel articles, destination portraits and advertorials in English and German for print magazines, websites and travel guide books
  • Sponsorship posts about touristic products and services, which are based on my own travel experiences, to feature on my own niche travel blogs, and

For more info how such Sponsorship Posts could look like, check out my travel blog in the section Work with Me. Here, I have created a list of touristic companies and DMOs I have worked with so far as well as which blog posts I have written for them.

I have previously written published articles for the following magazines (in English and German):

Discover Germany, Austria & Switzerland 
(regular content contributor since 2013)

Beyond The Expected – The Alpina Gstaad Magazine 

(regular content contributor since 2017)

Ready to conquer a glacier in Norway
Ready to conquer a glacier in Norway

3. Guided Walking Tours in Bremen, Germany and Tour Guiding in Europe

  • Two-hour walking tours in Bremen for groups starting from 2 people
  • My special focus: Tracing the paths of the Bremen emigrants (and possible my guests’ German ancestors) in the city
  • Tour guiding for a day in Bremen or for several days on guided tours in Germany and other European destinations (current focus regarding experiences and knowledge on Norway, Sweden and Ireland / the UK)
  • While we are not allowed to do any physical tours in 2021, I also offer an emigration-themd virtual tour through Bremen and Bremerhaven in English. This tour can be booked through the booking platform
Bremen Town Musicians good luck
Here I demonstrate how to get your portion of good luck from the Bremen Town Musicians

And what can I do for you?

For a non-binding quote regarding a translation, article / blog post or tour guiding service, please contact me via email at the contact form below or my LinkedIn profile.
I am looking forward to hearing from you!

*Please note: If you are enquiring about a translation or proofreading task, please always send the source text in Microsoft Word Format. Thank you.